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Hotlashes is home to Expert Eyelash Extension Training, award-winning professional eyelash adhesives and extension supplies and the top lash bar in Calgary, Alberta.  

Whether you are already an expert lash artist, an aspiring lash artist looking for the best eyelash extension certification training, or you simply want to visit a lash bar and get that look that turns heads, Hotlashes Eyelash Extensions has what you need.  

Professional Eyelash Extension Supplies 

Hotlashes Ultra Expert Adhesive was awarded the distinction of Top 5 Adhesives in the World in 2015 by LashInc.  After an lengthy research period for the best eyelashes, and the most incredible high-grade medical eyelash adhesive, Hotlashes is thrilled to carry our own expert lash extension product line. The award-winning adhesive has been approved by Health Canada, and it is similar to the adhesive doctors use to close wounds on skin. 

Professional Eyelash Extension Technician Training 

Aspiring lash artists come from all over the world to receive professional eyelash extension training with us here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  There are many companies that provide eyelash extension courses and certification, but most of them have extremely high post-graduation business failure rates due to insufficient training in both the art of lash application and the business of Professional Eyelash Extensions.  I have re-trained countless lash artists from other eyelash extension training academies and I can tell you that choosing the right eyelash extension course is an important decision that we are happy to help you with.

Hotlashes Lash Bar

Are you looking for eyelash extensions that will have everyone wondering how you look so young, refreshed and put together all the time?  Whether you are in Calgary, another city, or even another country, we can connect you with a master eyelash technician that can give you that red-carpet worthy look.

Welcome to Hotlashes, where we love everything lash-related and are here to serve!